Rás na mBan (literally Women’s Race, pronounced ‘rawss na mon’) is Ireland’s only women’s international stage race. This premier multi-day event is scheduled to take place from September 7th to 11th 2022 when it will, for the sixth time, take in the beautiful scenery of County Kilkenny. Local club and national level women riders from Ireland compete with riders from the rest of Europe and beyond.

The 2021 Rás na mBan was the 15th edition of the race and marked the 34th anniversary of the start of international stage racing for women in Ireland. Beginning with the John Hearn Memorial Women’s Three Day in 1986, and from bases in Counties Tipperary, Dublin, Kerry, Clare and Kilkenny, Irish racers have taken on international opposition in a series of events that have laid the groundwork for the current five-day event.

Following on from the ground breaking events run in Carrick-on-Suir, County Tipperary and later by Dublin Wheelers in Dublin and Meath, the Women’s Commission of Cycling Ireland took over promotion of Ireland’s leading women’s stage race with the creation of the two-day, Dublin-based Rás na mBan in 2006.

With generous support from Louis Moriarty and Sneem Hotel, the race expanded to three days when it moved to a new base in the village of Sneem, Co Kerry in 2008 and in 2011 Rás na mBan further expanded to five days as the event established itself on the international calendar.

The race moved to a new base in County Clare in 2013 and enjoyed three great editions in the beautiful Munster County on the western seaboard.

In 2016, the race moved east to County Kilkenny for another 5-day, 6-stage feast of top racing action and the race will once again take place in the Leinster county in 2022.

Roll of Honour

2021    Anna Shackley, Scotland 

2019    Claire Steels, England 

2018    Coralie Demay, France

2017    Elinor Barker, Wales

2016    Rikke Lønne, Denmark

2015    Stephanie Pohl, Germany

2014    Tayler Wiles, USA

2013    Olivia Dillon, Ireland

2012    Kamilla Vallin, Denmark

2011    Olivia Dillon, Ireland

2010    Olivia Dillon, Ireland

2009    Emma Trott, England

2008    Louise Moriarty, Ireland

2007    Marit Huisman, Netherlands

2006    Stephanie Gronow, Germany

2005    Elisabeth Braam, Netherlands

2004    Louise Moriarty, Ireland

2003    Angela Hunter, England

2002    Esther van der Helm, Netherlands

2001    Esther van der Helm, Netherlands

2000    Julie Hooper, England

1999    Louise Jones, England

1998    Claire Moore, Ireland

1997    Susan O’Mara, Ireland

1996    Angela Hunter, England

1995    Helena Kinsella, Ireland

1994    Marie Purvis, Isle of Man

1993    Claire Moore, Ireland

1992    Claire Moore, Ireland

1990    Kim Staff, England

1989    Patricia Anderson, Ireland

1988    Claire Moore, Ireland

1987    Fiona Madden, Ireland

1986    Marie O’Donoghue, Ireland